Teacher Leadership discussion on Blab

The #edbeat chat/Blab on Teacher Leadership just happened!

Edbeat Blab Screen

Check out the #edbeat tweetstream and the #edbeat Blab, a 30 minute video of us talking about Teacher Leadership. Educators shared, mentored, supported each other on both Twitter and Blab tonight.  It was a beautiful display of teacher voice impacting our entire connected community. What's that quote about the butterfly effect? Oh yea. Each voice impacts the universe? Yes it does.

Butterfly Effect Quote


Tonight's chat and Blab, as well as our Voxer and GHO discussions leading up to tonight, were a beautiful learning experience for me, on both an intellectual and a personal/social level. Phenomenal.

Our first Blab is in the books! We didn't know how it would go. We knew that even if we tried it and failed, we'd do it with positivity and mirth, because why not tilt your head back and laugh at the sky! :)

THANK YOU to #edbeat hosts Sean Gaillard and Natalie Krayenvenger, as well as my guest host partner-in-crime Elisabeth Bostwick. THANK YOU each and every person who watched, tweeted and shared.


Your voice is important. Please use it, share it, nurture it, trust it. We're here to support you!


Part 2 of the Teacher Leadership Series on #edbeat continues on March 23! 8pm CT/5PM PT. Elisabeth Bostwick and I are rubbing our hands together in a planning frenzy. See you soon!

EduBlessings.  ~Laura