'Spell with Flickr' + TwtPoll for #MOedchat

Found a blogpost thanks to my Twitter PLN about Spell with Flickr and ideas for using it. Check it out!

That link led me to create this...

letter M letter O letter e bead letter D photo.JPG letter H A Magnetic Letter T

and this....

Scrabble Rebus letter M letter O ANAGRAM letter E letter D Pastry Cutter Letter C BANANAGRAMS Letter H letter A letter T

in under a minute.

See here how you can click on each letter to get a new one. If we made a #MOedchat blog we could embed the word picture in it. Another tool to use!

Here is a Twtpoll our fine #MOedchat moderator @mrpowerscms shared out via Twitter. Please click on the link and vote if you are able to join in and learn with us.

Vote 4 #MOedchat topic Thurs 2-28 9pm CST. Add your voice/presence to our growing MOed lrning community! twtpoll.com/fqkmf0 @mrpowerscms
— Laura Gilchrist (@LauraGilchrist4) February 22, 2013

Here is MY first Twtpoll, to get my feet wet with a new tool. 

Free. Easy to set up.

I was trying to embed Bill Powers' twtpoll (above) but found you can't unless you publish it yourself. So here is my first poll,  embedded. :) Good luck and thanks for playing!