My Hour of Code Discovery! / by Laura Gilchrist


My Hour of Code was led by two local high schools students/Cerner Scholars, Jonah and Savannah, from Staley High School and Liberty High School. Jonah sat in my classroom 6 short years ago. I sat in the audience today as his student. Tables turned,  happily. :) I was mesmerized by his teaching. He had a way of connecting with the kids. They looked up to him and to Savannah. Both were well-spoken, caring, intelligent, and future-focused. High school students/ Cerner Scholars Savannah and Jonah motivated kids to WANT to learn to code!

Jonah and Savannah were able to make the kids see this whole new world that's just under the surface of their awareness....

  • ...this world of  languages that are behind everthing seen on their devices.
  • ...this world of languages they can actually LEARN and then CREAJust a few of the 'coding' languages you can learn and use to create!TE and DO GOOD with.
  • ...this world of languages that will put you in high demand if you know them. (These 'coding' languages are not taught in most high schools yet and few people choose it as a major.)

Jonah's big story hook was this....

Jonah himself wrote 30,000 lines of code in creating an app that Staley High School uses to this day in the weight room. Jonah showed the kids the 'front' of the app (in our familiar English 'language') and then he showed the 'coding language' behind it.

Jonah's Staley Falcons App written as a sophomore. 30,000 lines of code. Writing time: 100 hours over 2 weeks.

Coding on Jonah's Mac.









The look on the kids' faces when they saw the coding itself that Jonah had written... 

...was one of deep concentration, consternation, and a bit of disbelief/wonder/awe. Jonah shared how cool it felt to help others and he shared that THEY could write apps and help others. Most all of this info was NEW to most all of them. A NEW WORLD opened up today--for the kids and for me. The kids were seriously excited to jump onto right away and even more excited to go home tonight and use the account. (Super easy to set up educator accounts for the kids, give them a login, track their progress, and with no email needed from kids.)

The excellent video the kids watched--good for all ages!

This was our CLASS SELFIE using my new selfie stick--with remote, thank you. The kids and I love clicking the remote and hearing the camera click from afar.

Hour of Code group picture #selfiestick