Summer PLN Photo Challenge! #JJAProject

flickr photo by Victor Bezrukov shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

Snap Snap Snap!

Be a summer explorer and creator! Capture the beauty around you with your phone or camera--from the mundane to the jaw-dropping. Then share your creations using the #JJAProject hashtag, which stands for "June-July-August Project." (This is a summer Photo a Day Project)

You'll get to know your PLN peeps and make connections that will last far beyond this summer...and they'll get to know YOU, too! You might learn thing or two along the way that can impact your pedagogy.

Sheri Edwards, Denice Krebs, and Paula Naugle have been involved in #JJAProject for the last few years. (Thanks for your tweets about #JJAProject tweets on May 31, ladies!) Here is Denice Krebs' blogpost about #JJAProject.


How to #JJAProject!

1. Take lots of pictures! I typically use my Phone camera. No fancy cameras needed. From the everyday, mundane to the dramatic -- anything in your world view is game.

2. Edit if you wish. Crop, add effects, have fun. No stress. Some of my fave editing apps are Snapseed, Enlight, Instaquote, WordFoto, ToonCamera.

3. Share a photo daily with the #JJAProject hashtag to any social media channel--Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook--or to all of them. Whatever floats your boat. You'll discover many amazing educators when you click the hashtag. I'd love to get to know you through your photos. TIP: ADD the hashtags of your favorite chats, state chats to your pictures on Twitter! The more the merrier.

4. Enjoy and comment on others' photos; interact and make new friends!