Teacher Leadership discussion on Blab

The #edbeat chat/Blab on Teacher Leadership just happened!

Edbeat Blab Screen
Edbeat Blab Screen

Check out the #edbeat tweetstream and the #edbeat Blab, a 30 minute video of us talking about Teacher Leadership. Educators shared, mentored, supported each other on both Twitter and Blab tonight.  It was a beautiful display of teacher voice impacting our entire connected community. What's that quote about the butterfly effect? Oh yea. Each voice impacts the universe? Yes it does.

Butterfly Effect Quote
Butterfly Effect Quote

Tonight's chat and Blab, as well as our Voxer and GHO discussions leading up to tonight, were a beautiful learning experience for me, on both an intellectual and a personal/social level. Phenomenal.

Our first Blab is in the books! We didn't know how it would go. We knew that even if we tried it and failed, we'd do it with positivity and mirth, because why not tilt your head back and laugh at the sky! :)

THANK YOU to #edbeat hosts Sean Gaillard and Natalie Krayenvenger, as well as my guest host partner-in-crime Elisabeth Bostwick. THANK YOU each and every person who watched, tweeted and shared.

Your voice is important. Please use it, share it, nurture it, trust it. We're here to support you!

Part 2 of the Teacher Leadership Series on #edbeat continues on March 23! 8pm CT/5PM PT. Elisabeth Bostwick and I are rubbing our hands together in a planning frenzy. See you soon!

EduBlessings.  ~Laura

KCedu Meetup: Global Ed, STEM Project Pitch and The Lean Lab Edupreneur!

KCedu Meetup July 8

A Message from KCedu:We look forward to meeting you/talking/networking on Wednesday at KCedu! 34 edleaders are coming and I'd love to see YOU! Register here up to 5:30 tonight. :) Every relationship we make in our face to face 'collisions' matters for our kids. You never know where it may lead.KCedu: Education + Innovation take center stage for KC area educators from all walks, roles, and areas of education who serve learners of any age. This is K-12, Parochial, Higher Ed, Head Start, Charter, Startup,Edupreneur, Entrepreneur, Non-Profit, Service/Learning organization, and more.

  • 5:00 -- Doors Open for Networking/Conversation with KC area educators!
  • 5:30-6:30 -- 2 KC area educators present idea/project/product followed by Q&A. #innovation
  • 6:30-7:00 -- Networking/Conversation continue!
  • 7:00 -- Continue the conversations over food at the amazing Q39 Barbecue! Our KCBBQ circuit continues. :)  1000 W. 39th St. KC, MO  Q39 Yelp Reviews

#KCedu Featured Innovators!

Conner Hazelrigg











1. Conner Hazelrigg, William Jewell and now Missouri S&T engineering student, and founder of  Sollular Connections will share her journey creating and then bringing her portable solar charging  boxes to people in 3rd world countries! She wants to increase knowledge and passion for #STEM and  solar energy in kids. She has #servicelearning ideas for your kids to help get solar charging boxes to  people in need. She came to Laura Gilchrist's classroom last year and helped her 6th graders see the  need for these power stations in villages in Haiti. Kids will walk for hours each day to charge phones for their family and they must pay money.

EXCITING!! Cool idea to explore at KCEDU and an OPPORTUNITY for us all: The 30 Goals Challenge & Passion Pitches (virtual--5 minutes) are on July 16. We will talk about the opportunity for us to pitch Conner's idea to a connected global educator community. The Passion Pitches on July 17 may be something YOU want to consider for YOUR upcoming-year projects! Katie BoodyLean Lab Incubator Fellows

2. Learn about the Lean Lab Fellow edupreneurs and what they're working on. How can we help them? Learn about the intersection between education and entrepreneurial thinking/problem-solving. Katie Boody will lead the charge! Check out the Lean Lab and their newest Incubator Fellowship program. You can get involved in the next round.

POWERFUL TOOLS for all my KC area EdLeaders in all walks of education:

KC Edleaders TWITTER LISTS -- If you're not on it, please let me know! Subscribe; connect with these KC area educators from all levels/walks of education. Big KC Twitter List -- Large KC EduCommunity Players: Schools, Districts, Educators, Businesses, Non-profits, museums, etc. EdcampLeadership KC is Monday, July 13! Can you come? Please do.  

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month! Please join us. Face to face meetups can create capacity for big things...for our kids!

KCedu July 8 Meetup!
Hosted by KCedu
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM (CDT)
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, 4801 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MIssouri 64110  |  Directions




Summer PLN Photo Challenge! #JJAProject

flickr photo by Victor Bezrukov http://flickr.com/photos/s-t-r-a-n-g-e/10352019054 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

Snap Snap Snap!

Be a summer explorer and creator! Capture the beauty around you with your phone or camera--from the mundane to the jaw-dropping. Then share your creations using the #JJAProject hashtag, which stands for "June-July-August Project." (This is a summer Photo a Day Project)

You'll get to know your PLN peeps and make connections that will last far beyond this summer...and they'll get to know YOU, too! You might learn thing or two along the way that can impact your pedagogy.

Sheri Edwards, Denice Krebs, and Paula Naugle have been involved in #JJAProject for the last few years. (Thanks for your tweets about #JJAProject tweets on May 31, ladies!) Here is Denice Krebs' blogpost about #JJAProject.


How to #JJAProject!

1. Take lots of pictures! I typically use my Phone camera. No fancy cameras needed. From the everyday, mundane to the dramatic -- anything in your world view is game.

2. Edit if you wish. Crop, add effects, have fun. No stress. Some of my fave editing apps are Snapseed, Enlight, Instaquote, WordFoto, ToonCamera.

3. Share a photo daily with the #JJAProject hashtag to any social media channel--Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook--or to all of them. Whatever floats your boat. You'll discover many amazing educators when you click the hashtag. I'd love to get to know you through your photos. TIP: ADD the hashtags of your favorite chats, state chats to your pictures on Twitter! The more the merrier.

4. Enjoy and comment on others' photos; interact and make new friends!