Experience ISTE 2015 from home as a member of the Rockstar #NotAtIste15 PLN by Laura Gilchrist



My #NotAtIste15 badge

My #‎NotAtIste15‬ Badge. You can make one, too!

I made the badge w/Canva using badge/ribbon images created by the brilliant #NotAtIste15 educators. (Easy and fun to make in Canva, by the way.) They created this PLN, professional learning community, and packed it FULL of all sorts of challenges and silliness so we enjoy our virtual #ISTE2015 experience and get to know each other.

What is ISTE anyway and why should I care?

  • It's the biggest Edtech conference in the nation.
  • Brilliant educators are there freely sharing amazing ideas and tech you can bring back to your kids, school, district, community. Watch these hashtags for Edugoodness -- #ISTE2015 and #NotAtIste15.
  • Here's a recent Education week article: ISTE 2015: Ed-tech Leadership, Maker Education, and Professional Learning

HOW can I jump into the #NotAtIste15 PLN and get my 'Learn' on?

Click here. Read, Explore, and Play. That is all!--#‎NotAtISTE‬? How to Participate in ISTE 2015 Remotely 

**Be sure to join the Google Community Not AT…EdTechConference Google Community and sign up on the Challenge Google Doc to participate in Bingo, Photowalks, Voxer chats, Ignite sessions, Karaoke, and more..and even win prizes! Of course, you choose what works for you. I truly hope to meet you over the next few days.


Using the Power of your PLN to do Social Good: Happy Lip Dub! by Laura Gilchrist


When Nicholas Provenzano aka @thenerdyteacher wants to cheer up a sick student he reaches out to his global PLN...and the results are magical! He put out an all-call on Facebook:

"My students want to create a video lib dub for a student who has been out sick most of the year. She is bummed and we want to make her happy, so we are singing Happy by Pharrell. My students asked if I could use my "Twitter fame" to get other classes to do this lip dub as well. This is short notice, but if you think you could do a vid with your class being goofy to this song by next week Wednesday, that would be awesome. Please message me if you are on board. Thanks!"

MANY educators and friends responded back and sent video clips for the Emma Happy lip dub video. Nick passed the clips onto his students and THEY made the final lip dub. 

I asked my kids if they'd like to be a part of this HAPPYness lip dub for Emma. They said exactly what I thought they'd say.....a great big YES.

We learned the importance of looking into the camera and getting CLOSE to it. Faces rule! After viewing footage of their first round attempts (filmed in the auditorium) and not liking it, the kids decided to try something different. Outside we went. The boys organized on one bench and did a spontaneous jumping sequence. The girls watched and then had fun dancing and experimenting with camera angles inside. The kids gave Trial run #2 a thumbs-up!

My New Mark friends and family, see if you can spot our kids Making Emma Happy around the following times. :32 1:02 1:32

The Video: Making Emma Happy

This little exercise inspired me to ask myself again and again, "How can I harness the power of my PLN for social good?"

Here is Nick Provenzano's own blogpost about the lip dub: Making Emma Happy

I'm going to citycampKC, citycampKC here I come!! by Laura Gilchrist


As co-organizer of KC's own education conference, EDcampKC, I'm stoked to spend my day at our city's own UNconference, at the Kauffman Foundation!

I can't wait to...

  •  ...soak in the similarities and differences to edcampKC and all the other edcamps I attend. I'll be looking for brilliant ideas and using them at EdcampKC in the future. This is just one of the benefits of people learning out loud at organized events as well as online on Twitter and blogs.
  • ...meet people and engage in conversation with them about our city and brainstorm/crowdsource ways to connect, grow.
  • ...witness the passion of people whose interests are in the wide realms of the city.
  • ...get a pulse on the things going on in my own city, without my knowledge. I want to know about my city! Why have I not done this before? This is year 3 of CityCampKC. I've had several friends comment on my tweets about it and say the same thing..."I wish I'd known about it."
  • My goals: Get a pulse on city happenings, meet and connect with passionate KC folks, and grow/connect education and our city for the good of all. It's about making KC a giant connected learning community--connecting and growing the isolated segments hat exist currently.

I learned something new just looking at the #citycampKC and #cckc14 hashtags. 

KC's open source logo that anyone can use, including #edcampKC:-> 

KC open source logo


Follow the CitycampKC hashtag here on Twitter at --> #cckc14!




Put a Vertical Panorama on your Horizon. by Laura Gilchrist


So how do you do a vertical panorama?!

I stood in the MIDDLE of the Pin Oak and Red Maple you see below. The trees are actually very close together. You can't see much of the sky in between them.

I selected Pano on my iPhone 5, turned my phone on its side, then SCANNED up into the sky….. from the ground UP the trunk of one tree to the top and then down the trunk of the other tree to the ground again.


I took at least 6 panos trying to get the arc just right so that the trees were straight on the top and bottom. LOL Going SLOW was the key.

Vertical Panorama flip: Earth below me, earth above me.

Here is my best tree pano from this afternoon in 3 different looks . 

(Linked to my Flickr account.)


Vertical Panorama: Earth below me, earth above me. Vertical Panorama: Earth below me, earth above me.