NetWORKing it with Lead Local by Laura Gilchrist

When Michael Crawford tells me I should meetup with someone, I arrange it with haste. :)  So Robin Breault and I arranged to meet while she and Brooke McDonald were in Kansas City at the EShipSummit, hosted by Kauffman Foundation. Robin and Brooke are the founders of Lead Local, based in Arizona. During our hour together talking education and life, we connected on this crazy deep, spiritual level -- and it was AWESOME. We are...

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My One Word 2017 is Flow by Laura Gilchrist

Personal reasons I've committed myself to the 365 Day Meditation Challenge with Insight Timer which I blogged about here. I'm going strong at 35 consecutive days! With an ACES score of 4 from childhood, it's empowering to finally 'get it' that the answers I've sought outside of myself are actually within me, waiting to be found and released. It seems so simple and I'm realizing it actually is, once you connect into yourself. Building my own resilience by...

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Anti-Anxiety Breathing Technique You Can Count On. by Laura Gilchrist

I'm doing the 365 Day Meditation Challenge with the Insight Timer ommunity and I couldn't be more excited -- and calm. Ha! I'm determined to help kids and adults, including myself, exercise control of their mind/body so they can relax, feel happy, and learn. I believe mindfulness and meditation (flow states) can play a key role. I blogged about it here.

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5 Reasons I'm Doing the 365 Day Meditation Challenge by Laura Gilchrist

Clarify: What is meditation anyway and how is it related to mindfulness?

Meditation is the bigger umbrella word.

“At its core, meditation is when you intentionally set aside time to do something good for yourself,” explains (author and PhD Elisha) Goldstein. And that’s all! Really. As long as you’re doing something good for you on purpose, whatever it is that may be, that’s meditation. “For instance, there’s exercise meditation, in which you intentionally set out to exercise to clear your mind," says Goldstein. "There’s prayer meditation, when you intentionally send prayers out to the universe. There’s music meditation, where the whole purpose is to relax you, and the list goes on.  ~Annie Daly, Womens Health Magazine

Mindfulness is a type of meditation.......

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