4 Lessons Learned from a Silicon Valley School Tour

#KCGreatSchools Tour in May, 2016

This blog was first posted onStartlandNews.com (@startlandnews) and then on GettingSmart.com. (@getting_smart)   In mid-May 2016, several of my fellow educators and I toured five innovative Bay Area schools. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that educators… Continue Reading

The Leadership Practice Your School District is (Probably) Not Doing

The Leadership Practice your School District is (Probably) Not Doing

  Does your district (or school) have leadership principles that define and empower every person as a leader, like the ones above from the Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita, KS? If the answer is no, that’s a lot of leadership… Continue Reading

Teacher Leadership discussion on Blab

Edbeat Blab Screen

The #edbeat chat/Blab on Teacher Leadership just happened! Check out the #edbeat tweetstream and the #edbeat Blab, a 30 minute video of us talking about Teacher Leadership. Educators shared, mentored, supported each other on both Twitter and Blab tonight.  It was a beautiful… Continue Reading

She Ditched Her Teacher Desk

She ditched her teacher desk for a standing work station!

In my new role as the high school Instructional Coach in Turner USD 202 District, I noticed the innovative tweets coming from Cassie Nix at the 6th Grade Academy. I went over to meet her and check out her new… Continue Reading

KCedu Meetup: Global Ed, STEM Project Pitch and The Lean Lab Edupreneur!

KCedu Meetup July 8

A Message from KCedu:We look forward to meeting you/talking/networking on Wednesday at KCedu! 34 edleaders are coming and I’d love to see YOU! Register here up to 5:30 tonight. 🙂 Every relationship we make in our face to face ‘collisions’ matters for… Continue Reading

Edcamp Leadership KC INFO and Invite! Get Ready!


  Edcamp Leadership KC is Monday, July 13 and I am JAZZED to see what happens when this powerful learning community comes together face to face. So far, 150+ education leaders from KC, Central and SW MO,  Nebraska and Kansas are bringing their passion… Continue Reading